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Selected experiences

IT strategy for European telecom operator

Developing a comprehensive IT strategy for an incumbent operator with 1000+ systems, including target architecture and a roadmap for system renewal, including high-level business case.

Work included documenting as-is, identifying gaps against business targets and processes, developing target architecture, identifying required initiatives and structuring initiatives into a reasoned roadmap.
BSS replacement for European telecom operator

Executing IT transformation and business simplification for European fiber operator.

Work included solution design and architecture, sourcing, contracting, program management and implementation of full BSS replacement.
BSS procurement for European mobile operator

Securing quality contracting and solid basis for project execution through BSS procurement and contracting process.

Work included sourcing process, contract structure and drafting, negotiation, final vendor selection and solution architecture.

BSS procurement for Nordic mobile operator

Driving BSS procurement to secure robust tee-off for subsequent implementation.

Work included enterprise architecture, sourcing package design, requirements, contracting and driving the sourcing process.
NetCo - ServCo seperation

Participated in separation of a telecom operator into an infrastructure unit and a customer facing unit.

Work included enterprise architecture, system selection and implementation and drafting agreements regulating the relationship.
BSS data migration

Supporting a BSS transformation with extensive data migration from legacy systems.

Work included data extract and analysis, product simplification, project management, including vendor management.

Core system infrastructure migration

Migration of core BSS/OSS system to new infrastructure.

Work included infrastructure design and verification, technical issue resolution, project and vendor management.
Fiber operation implementation for Scandinavian ISP

Developing and executing a comprehensive IT and technology strategy for a greenfield FTTH/FTTC service provider in Scandinavia.

Work included all aspects of BSS/OSS systems, network technology, operations and customer care. Achievements included operator's succesful market launch and rapid growth of customer base and revenue in a highly competitive market.
Network sharing evaluation for Asian telecom operators

Assisting in opportunity evaluation in RAN sharing for Asian telecom operator.

Work included business case, potential rollout models, partner evaluation and contract structure evaluation.

Fiber operations system for European telecom company

Implementing IT support for extensive fiber rollout, including analysis tools, documentation systems, CRM, order management and billing.

Work included overall architecture, solution design, vendor management and implementation project management.
Network sharing implementation for European telecom operators

Securing leap in network quality at dramatically lower cost through active RAN sharing, utilizing MOCN.

Work included business case, deal making, contracting, network implementation, project management as well as setting up a joint venture for the RAN sharing.
RAN operations outsourcing for European telecom company

Securing cost-effective, high-quality RAN operations through a sourcing process designed to maximize vendor potential.

Work included sourcing process design, solution design, procurement, negotiation, contracting and project management.

White papers

BSS transformation

The BSS transformation white paper condensates the experience from many BSS transformations and describes a predictable process for such projects. The white paper can be found by clicking here.

The white paper on cross-border IT discusses aspects on cross-border IT, in particular the challenges involved in trying to align businesses through use of a single IT system. The white paper can be found by clicking here.

In addition, a rough cost estimator for BSS implementation can be found by clicking here.

Mobile network sharing

The mobile network sharing white paper condensates experience from multiple mobile network sharing engagements and describes a structured approach to entering into such agreements. The white paper can be found by clicking here.


Lars R. Andersen

Senior Consultant

Lars focuses on BSS transformation, IT strategy, IT procurement and mobile network sharing.

Lars' experience include senior manager in Accenture and CTO/CIO in Telenor in Denmark.

Simon L. Skals

Senior Consultant

Simon focuses on project management for IT and technology cases, spanning all aspects from stategy to operational execution.

Simon has held various industry positions and was a co-founder and CTO/CIO in B2C ISP Hiper.

Jakob Pedersen

Senior Consultant

Jakob focuses on IT project management, BSS transformation and IT architecture.

Jakob has a background in consulting with Accenture and has worked in IT management positions in telecommunications as well as CIO in Falck Assistance.

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