BSS transformation

BSS or 'Business Support Systems' are the core customer systems in telecommunications, typically comprised of CRM, online, order management, billing and revenue collection. Often developed over many years, old BSS can be a challenge from both cost and agility perspective. Replacing old BSS is a complex undertaking with high failure rates.

In this white paper I have gathered some experience in the form of a structured, proven approach to BSS replacement and business simplification.

The approach is focused on leveraging standard systems and supplier capabilities for execution and  simplifying business. It enables cost predictability in the process and afterwards.

See also the accompagnying white paper for discussion of cross border IT considerations and my BSS estimator for getting a rough idea of likely cost.

I have extensive experience in running the process, have templates for all the key steps as well as estimating models. I can work as advisor or run the process. Feel free to reach out for informal knowledge sharing.